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In Florida there is a wide array of drug offenses that fall under Chapter 893 of the Florida Statutes. The main five areas are as follows:

  • Possession of an illicit substance. This is a felony and a person can be charged with this under theories of actual and constructive possession. In most circumstances this is a third degree felony punishable by five years in prison;
  • Sale of an illicit substance. This is where one actually sells or delivers the substance with the intent to do so. Evidence used to prove this are how the drugs are packaged and/or concealed, paraphernalia found in proximity with the illegal substance. This paraphernalia includes, baggies, scales, money and many other items that are usually found with particular substances;
  • Manufacturing the illicit substance. This is where in individual actually creates or cultivates the substance. An example of this is a grow house operation for marijuana or a meth lab for methamphetamine;
  • Trafficking in a certain substance. These are larger operations where an individual is found with a large quantity of narcotics. When it comes to trafficking, there are certain minimum mandatory sentences that come into play that vary in terms of years on the weight of the substance and the type of illicit substance; and
  • Paraphernalia; this is any piece of equipment or device or material that is designed for the cultivations, ingestions, inhalation, storage, sale, production, compounding, planting, propagation, concealment or transportation of an illegal substance. 

What Are You Charged With?

Eric H. Clayman, P.A. has successfully represented individuals on charges ranging from low level second degree misdemeanors up to capital offenses such as human trafficking and murder. He has developed a reputation for operating ethically while aggressively defending the interests of his clients.

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