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Boating under the influence follows the same body of law as driving a motor vehicle under the influence. There are differences, however much is the same. The civil penalty (fine) imposed for a refusal can be attacked by requesting an administrative hearing. If the hearing request is made, this tolls the statutory time provision for having to pay the fine. Our office will handle the administrative portion at no additional cost to you.

If an individual enters into a plea or is found guilty at trial for Boating Under the Influence, the Court must sentence you to at least the minimum mandatory penalties per Florida Statute. These penalties consist of probation, competing a DUI program which may include substance abuse counseling and a psychological evaluation, a minimum of fifty community service hours (these may never be bought out), and impoundment of the vessel per Court order.

We will analyze all the evidence obtained in your case, take depositions of all witness, including law enforcement and aggressively attack the State’s case against you. If there is a way to file a motion to suppress evidence, such as, the initial stop, sobriety exercises or a breath sample, if applicable, we will find it!


What Are You Charged With?


‘ 316.193(6)(a) states that probation must not exceed one year. There is no minimum time for probation, however 6-9 months is the standard minimum offer. DUI ‘counting’ is determined from conviction to arrest.

— 30 Day minimum jail time on a 3rd offense within 10 years required when 2nd is also within 10 years regardless if 3rd is not within 10 years of 1st Driqotas v. State 531 So.2d 421. — Enhanced penalties are defined as .20 BAL or accompanied by a minor at the time of offense.

4th DUI offenses should always be reviewed to see if the offense may be coupled as a 2nd within 5 years or a 3rd within 10 years.

Interlock penalties may be ordered as of July 1, 2002 – but do get installed until July 1, 2003.

Created and Revised by A. S.A. Spencer J. Multack, 17th Judicial Circuit Be Responsible. Don’t Drink and Drive.

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