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Mr. Clayman will help you, the accused, gain the advantage when it comes to evidence compiled against you. His experience surpasses that of many attorneys and most of law enforcement personnel that may be involved in your case. Cyber Crimes defense is a niche area of criminal defense law and must be treated as such. An individual charged with a cyber crime must know if the evidence gathered against them is insufficient or incomplete. Mr. Clayman understands what is required to build an impeccable defense against high tech computer crimes. The emphasis is to challenge the technical aspect of the evidence and build reasonable doubt. Mr. Clayman works with top experts in this field that are employed to investigate the alleged crimes and locate deficiencies that are then used to dispose of your case.


  • Improperly accessing a computer, system or network.
  • Modifying, damaging, using, disclosing, copying, or taking programs or data.
  • Introducing a virus or other contaminant into a computer system.
  • Using a computer in a scheme to defraud.
  • Interfering with someone else’s computer access or use.
  • Using encryption in aid of a crime.
  • Falsifying e-mail source information.
  • Stealing an information service from a provider.

Eric H. Clayman, P.A. has successfully represented individuals on charges ranging from low level second degree misdemeanors up to capital offenses such as human trafficking and murder. He has developed a reputation for operating ethically while aggressively defending the interests of his clients.

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