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    Eric Clayman is a criminal defense attorney who only practices defense work. Mr. Clayman practices in both State and Federal Court. His many years of criminal defense practice is predicated on his work history, working at the State Attorney’s Office and as a former police officer. As an officer, Mr. Clayman worked as a DUI investigator, narcotics investigator, worked street crimes, auto theft and served high risk felony warrants. Mr. Clayman is highly accessible to his clients, day or night. He works with his clients and their families to achieve the best possible results for his client. He practices aggressively while making certain his clients have a voice in their own defense.


    Identifying the crimes actually charged and their penalties.

    Discussing the actual elements of the crimes charged and what the State of Florida needs to do to actually prove them. REMEMBER, the burden of proof is on the State. The accused is not required to do anything. (In this last sentence, it should say “The accused is not required to prove anything.”

    We will analyze and discuss the paperwork filed by law enforcement that is immediately available. This consists of probable cause affidavits, police reports and supplemental narratives. At this time we will analyze whether or not defensive motions can be filed on your case.

    Examples of these motions are motions to suppress evidence, motions to suppress the actual arrest and motions to dismiss the charge filed against you. These are some examples, however there are many more substantive motions that can and will be filed on your behalf.

    We will then discuss possible defenses to your case. This includes acquiring defense witnesses, using highly skilled investigators and expert witnesses to support particular defense theories.

    Look into your individual history to see if there are issues regarding substance abuse, mental health infirmities such as depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. If these issues are present this enables one of two things:

    The possibility to take your case out of its assigned division to enter into therapeutic based court programs; or to provide a downward departure. This is a technical way of saying that if you score prison and the State Attorney is not willing to waive the guidelines and offer a probationary sentence, we can present your case for mitigation to the assigned Judge and acquire a below guidelines sentence. Often times this results in probation when it otherwise seems hopeless.

    Engage is discovery on your behalf. This is comprised of taking depositions (the letter S needs to be added) of all of the State’s listed witnesses. Once complete, motions are routinely filed in an effort to both exclude evidence obtained against you which is often times gathered in violation of your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. This often times results in your case being dismissed or your charges being down-filed to a less severe offense, which ultimately results in lesser sanctions for you, the Defendant, if any at all.

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    “I don’t charge excessively, just because I can. I’m about the relationship and providing the best defense out there.”

    “For me, it’s not about the money!”

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    *We currently offering a promotion for legal services in certain cases for a flat fee of $500. This promotion is not valid for cases involving drug trafficking, murder, or involving deaths.


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    Recent Interview

    Excellent criminal attorney with Great follow through

    I am an attorney who has worked with Eric on many cases. I have actually had him take over a couple of criminal cases for me. I have worked with him on some cases as well. He is courteous, knowledgeable and willing to help every step of the way. He always demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond. Such a pleasure to work with!!

    Posted by Kate


    I recently had a suspended license that stemmed back to 2012 for failure to pay two different traffic tickets. There was a bench warrant out for my arrest that I had no idea about until I was pulled over in Broward County and the officer that pulled me over informed me of the warrant. I hired Eric Clayman and just like that he was able to get my case dismissed with minimal court fees. You know you’re in good hands with Eric! Highly recommended!!

    Posted by Client


    I would definitely recommend Eric Clayman if aynone needs an attorney. He is thorough and has great people skills. He knows the law and is a great advocate for his clients.

    Posted by Diana

    Good lawyer

    Had 2 cases I hired mr. Eric clayman he got the job done great guy and clear would hire again
    Thank you

    Posted by Client

    Accredited with professionalism

    Brilliant lawyer who interacts with his clients and gives professional advice. Can rely on prompt communication while handling your case… Always answers your phone calls or returns your call if he is in court. Great lawyer to have on your side with any matter. Thank you god for bringing Eric to us.

    Posted by Moses

    Great Lawyer

    Mr. Eric Clayman provided my family with great service. He is very professional and has great knowledge of the law. His assistant Connie was extremely patient and friendly. Eric communicated with us on our case and never tired of our endless questions and phone calls. Having him with us in the courtroom eased our anxiety and we felt we could depend on him. I would highly recommend him.

    Posted by Happy Family


    Eric not only kept my son out of jail but he put my mind at ease at a time when I was extremely nervous. His office staff always answers my questions and she gets messages to him very promptly. Eric then returns my calls without hiding behind excuses as other lawyers have in the past. We all know they’re not always in court or tied up with a client, they are just not taking your needs as importantly as their own. Eric has a very good rapport with court personnel making me feel confident that things will go smoothly. He also has a great sense of humor and makes me feel like he’s a friend. A very thankful mom and son.

    Posted by Chris

    My experience

    I would recommend Mr.Clayman for his legal services. He was always upfront with me about what was going on with my case, and any actions that he was taking on my behalf. He is very knowledgeable. His office staff especially Connie, are amazing. Whether its phone calls about the case or payment arrangements, she was very helpful and comforting to me. She made the whole process a little easier, and I am very grateful for that. I’m glad to have had Mr.Clayman and his team on my side to get me the best possible outcome for my case.

    Posted by Client

    Eric H. Clayman, P.A. has successfully represented individuals on charges ranging from low level second degree misdemeanors up to capital offenses such as human trafficking and murder. He has developed a reputation for operating ethically while aggressively defending the interests of his clients.

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